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Life, Liberty and…


And the pursuit of happiness. It’s the American mantra. At least that sentence is. Everyone’s trying to make themselves happy, seemingly forgetful of the “life and liberty” part.

Americans used to work hard, study, save money, bring ingenuity to problem solving, and with that, created one of the most dynamic cultures the world had ever seen. Now we just sit around and bitch.
As a society that has transitioned from manufacturing to consumerism, we’ve promised happiness as a means of economic growth.

“The customer is always right” has produced a population that now demands to be happy. Consumers must leave with a smile on their face, and if not, we’ve failed. Over the course of nearly two generations, this concept has driven business. Society no longer has to produce quality goods or brilliant products. We simply have to produce happiness.

When the going gets rough, society simply chooses an easy method of mitigation. Pop a pill for depression or social anxiety. Lease a car because it’s too expensive to own. Manufacture goods offshore because it’s cheaper. Buy it with credit because the cash doesn’t exist. Replace it rather than fix it. It’s all about “easy”.

Parents feed their kids drugs for better behavior rather than teaching them coping skills. Schools endorse it so teachers have an easier job. Insurance subsidizes the medication.

Adults, jolted by a job loss or a divorce pop a pill so they can “get back in the game”, seemingly forgetful of the need to work through their challenges. A firm, long-lasting erection is now considered a right.

High school athletes garner more attention than the teachers. Watching a winning team creates euphoria, while studying chemistry is a drag. Buy a team jersey, season tickets and an autographed photo, but ignore the need for new textbooks.

Europe is now eclipsing the US in having the most highly educated work force. Their governments promote life-long learning by subsidizing education through taxation. And before freaking out over more taxes, keep in mind that the average tax paid per individual in Finland is only 3% more than the taxes paid by the average American.

We’re building fences along the Mexican boarder to fend off people who are coming here to work. Those jobs exist and create the demand because American’s won’t do the work.

The culture of happiness has gutted our economy and national psyche. We’re left watching TV news that is now forbidden to show the caskets of American soldiers for fear it will negatively impact the population.

Life and liberty now available to the lowest bidder.

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