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City Bike

You’re hip, cool and trendy. You’ve got that great loft in the most happening part of town. The city is hopping, the rhythm’s pumping, it’s Friday night and you’ve got places to go and people to meet.

The arena traffic is filling the street. There’s no way you’re giving up your parking space and fighting that, not tonight. But you’ve got to refill that Valtrex prescription before your friends show up. You’ll take City Bike.

Perfect for quick trips and avoiding congestion, City Bike offers convenient use of strategically positioned bicycles to anyone needing immediate and quick transportation. Helsinki has such a program, with 26 locations throughout the city. For a mere €2 refundable fee, you unlock a bike, head out, accomplish your task, and return the bicycle to any stand.

Amsterdam has a similar program targeted for tourists and Columbus is ready for it, be it for tourists or locals. When your parents visit, hide the Valtrex and show mom how easy it is to enjoy Columbus from the seat of City Bike. She’ll wonder how you got so smart.

photography by Mika Lappalainen


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