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Friday in Columbus

Being single in Columbus might be too easy. There are enough distractions right around any given corner to occupy the mind, create curiosity, and generally speaking, keep even those with the most eccentric tastes in a state of arousal.

My day started like any other, though I did sleep until 7. I’d expected the early birds to wake me like any other morning, but today, I snoozed right through them until the alarm sounded. Coffee, e-mail and the on-line news, every morning before the shower.

I was fully prepared to listen to KC and the Sunshine Band on the way to work, but the CD case was empty. I searched a few places, but had to leave without it to make it in on time. I opted, instead, for Eros Ramazzotti. If there was a car-pool lane, listening to Eros Ramazzotti while driving makes one want to move to the left and wave while passing.

Columbus is half way between Europe and Hawaii. While I’m arriving at work, it’s happy hour in Europe. Or today, the beginning of the 59th annual Juokala race in Finland. This year, it’s in the small town in which I used to live. Shortly after arriving at work, I received a text message from a friend’s husband who’s up there to compete. It was a riddle, and if answered correctly, he wrote, I’d receive a call. Shortly after the reply, he called. Having forgotten about Juokala, it was a wonderful surprise and exactly the kind of messages that Jarmo sends.

Moments after that, my (formerly) East German buddy sent a text. Once a soldier who marched against fascism along the Berlin Wall, Jurgen is considering renting out his Frankfurt condo so that he can buy a farm in Poland. He was in Prussia (he still refers to the communist maps) and looking at a land there. (Wikipedia gave me a quick lesson on Prussia. Google Earth took me to Iowa). He’s adjusted rather well to unification.

Once home from work, a quick nap was in order while the soaker hose dampened the garden. My Blockbuster videos were due back tonight, so a quick change and off I went. I always cut through the church parking lot behind the alley. One of my older neighbors was on his front porch preparing his fly-fishing rod. He sat quietly while fussing with the line.

Across from his house, another man was sitting on his front porch. Odd moaning was coming from the open windows. It’s not unusual to hear loud music BOOMING from this house, but the moans? I didn’t want to look.

Through Schiller Park I ran into my neighbor and his dog, Betty, while the crowd gathered for Shakespeare. My presence was not enough to distract Betty from her favorite Frisbee and tennis ball, both slathered in dog spit. Plenty of people were also out for a walk, as well as the usual fishermen casting into the pond. Does the DNR stock that pond?

Back through the park on the way home, as the sun finally set, the stage was lit and the audience focused. Walking through Schiller Park always reminds me of living in a fairy tale, and on such a beautiful night, it felt just like that. I can’t imagine not having such a fantastic public place so near to home. There’s always someone you know in Schiller Park.

On the corner of Thurman and Jaeger sat one of my COTA drivers enjoying dinner at Easy Street with his arms around, what must be, his latest boy friend. Side by side on the banquette, their public display of affection causing no particular stir. Further down the street, Daryl wasn’t on his balcony, nor was Brad, though I was prepared to stop for a brief hello. Maybe next time.

Preparing to cross through the church parking lot, from a bit of a distance, I could once again hear the load moans. At this time, all the windows in the aforementioned house are wide open, though no one is on the porch. The resident, I concluded, must have had his adult movies piped through one hell of a stereo system. A banner across the front of the church reminds us to “not put a period where God has placed a comma”. There’s an amazing level of tolerance in this town.

It’s almost time for bed. There’s been no date this Friday night, but who needs one with all this just outside one’s door? From Shakespeare to adult audio, to watching the bus driver make-out in public, and Betty’s saliva coated Frisbee, this evening was eventful enough. Frankly, this is pretty normal night around here

In just a few minutes, I’ll receive my daily call from my best friend in Honolulu who is about to get on the bus for her commute home. I’ll recant my day to her, hear about her weekend plans and call it a hell of a good day.


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