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Your new tree

Not many folks know that the City of Columbus will plant a tree for residents along their “tree lawn” simply by requesting it. The tree lawn (or “boulevard”, “park strip”, “tree belt”, depending upon where you’re from) is considered part of the street right-of-way, and therefore is included in the city’s reforestation attempts.

There’s no cost to the resident, but the city does ask that you help out its growth for the first few years. When mine arrived last spring, a door hanger was left, with watering tips, and asking that the tie rods be left in place for the first year.

In a few years, my front yard will be completely shaded, aiding in reducing my energy costs, as well as my lawn care costs, and help eat away at some of the pollution. Our tax dollars support this effort, so why not get one for yourself and bring more green to the city, and save some of the green in your wallet.

Call 614 645 6640 for more information.


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