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Walking Columbus?



Like with any other issue that has arrived over the past 20 years, I immediately plunk myself down when I find that Architecture Minnesota has arrived in the mailbox. The official magazine of AIA Minnesota, it’s been a nearly life-long companion in every place that I’ve lived. Having Minneapolis delivered to my home every-other month keeps me connected.

Filled with great design and projects by Minnesota architects, one will also find interesting tid-bits about how the Twin Cities (and other Minnesota towns) are dealing with growth, density, transit, energy use and a myriad of topics that are also very relevant to what’s happening in Columbus.

While reading the most recent issue, I discovered an article by Sarah Harris, a former schoolmate, who is the executive director of “Walking Minneapolis”, a private foundation seeking to create a more vibrant and pedestrian friendly downtown. Walking Minneapolis is a private-sector project to ensure the city becomes “world class” for the pedestrian.

Celebrating the urban environment through connecting pedestrians to historical, cultural amenities, with an eye towards the element of discovery and social and physical health, Walking Minneapolis, as a private entity, is not subject to short-term public funding or public leadership cycles.

It’s a stunning example of what Columbus could do as well, considering that our downtown has crossed the threshold to something new and vibrant.

Click here to download thier summary.


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