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Take High Street, then turn left.


It hit like a ton of bricks. Consider having a red-hot metal rod shoved in your ear, down the Eustachian tube and into the throat. I feel like shit.

Okay, so I’m going to try to remedy this naturally. Some hot tea, some ear drops, all in supply at my neighborhood Kroger. A good 20-25 linear feet of tea to choose from. Properly picked leaves, ground up and sealed in a nice flow-through bag.

Near the pharmacy, twice as many linear feet of tablets made from plants. I can’t even spell those words, though I do remember “Horny Goat Weed”. I bought garlic. Plant extract for better circulation, more flexible joints, greater mental awareness…the list goes on.

Tonight I’m drinking tea because I’m not feeling so well. Other times, I enjoy it while reading a book or magazine. Sometimes its shared over conversation with a friend. It was in my ill state that I realized that marijuana is really no different. It’s a plant. It has various uses and those that use it, enjoy it.

A young professional can enjoy tea while reading the New York Times somewhere along High Street on any given Sunday morning.
How urban.

In Clintonville, a blue algae enema will cleanse the soul, as well as makes it into the ad for the new spa in Grandview.
Aware, very aware.

When a dude in Franklinton wants to smoke a doob and relax to a Nikelback album, he should be able to walk into Kroger and pick it up, just like everyone else’s plant extracts.
That’s socially irresponsible.

Package it, sell it, tax it. Hell, give it 20 linear feet of sales exposure. Make some money off the shit, take it off the street and advertise it. It’s an age old debate, but tonight, it really sank in. What if it was the only thing that would make me feel better?

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It’s Hot. You’re Not.

When I moved up from Florida, my neighbors asked if I was planning on having central air put in the house.
“You’re not?”
“I just moved up from Florida. How bad could summer be?”
“You’ll see” they said.

With a 90 year old house, there were more pressing concerns than central air. I bought a window unit to cool the second floor at night. Heavy drapes over the stairwell keep the cool air from cascading down the stairs, and I can sleep in relative comfort. The living areas of the house are not cooled mechanically, save for a ceiling fan in the dining room.

Each year, I try as long as I can to postpone putting in the A/C. There are two goals here. 1 – continuing to learn to live without for the sake of continued character building (because someday, there will be too little electricity to support such a luxury) and 2 – keeping the electric bill at bay. Money spent on insulation and window replacement have gone a long way in keeping the house cool and was a better investment.

But each summer, I think about the generations that had lived in this house before anyone knew what air conditioning was. They managed just fine. When I walk through German Village, I imagine the porches filled with neighbors escaping the confines of their heat-soaked brick homes during decades past. I suspect there were unpleasant days, but I’ve not read one historical report of social unrest over summer heat. Then again, it’s hotter now that it was 90 years ago.

And on a morning when oppressive heat and humidity makes line-drying the clothes difficult, my e-subscription to Utne Web Watch came in with a link to an article about life before air conditioning. Read it and you’ll remember when things were a bit easier. Perhaps a bit warmer, but simpler and more efficient.

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