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And this just in…..

From the Christian Science Monitor:

“And just in time, as a national clothesline – or “Right to Dry” – movement escalates. In fact, Vermont is the latest state to introduce a bill that would override clothesline bans, which are often instituted by community associations loath to air laundry even when it’s clean. Now, clothesline restrictions may be headed the way of bans on parking pickup trucks in front of homes, or growing grass too long – all vestiges of trim and tidy hopes that may not fit with the renewed emphasis on going green….”


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Columbus had an “air quality alert” on Wednesday. Before I left the house, I discovered it during the opening statements on WBNS 10TV news. The statement followed by a quick blurb about the weather. On to the next subject.

Later in the same newscast, OSU coach Jim Tressel had a 4-5 minute spot discussing the strategies for the upcoming game. Somehow, his discussion would have an impact on the lives of those living in Columbus, or so WBNS thinks.

Wouldn’t it be more prudent of WBNS to give a bit more air time (no pun intended) to the strategies for avoiding the continued increases in days that Columbus faces air quality alerts?

Perhaps this is a statement about just how far removed the general population is from one of the real challenges facing this city. Poor air quality has a direct correlation to the transportation issues facing Columbus, namely that the general population is forced into cars to accomplish most every task.

There’s a news story here. It seems however, that the local media is more willing to discuss the actions of 22 football players than it is to discuss the actions of its viewers.

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