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A slight oversight?

I’ll be attending the Columbus Re-Wired event this coming Thursday. The “international ideas competition that imagines how an integrated transit network would transform the livability and sustainability of our region”.

Interestingly enough, the poster for this event makes no mention of how to get to Smith Brothers Hardware (850 North Fourth Street) other than to state that there is “Free Parking on site”.

Allow me to fill the void.

Smith Brothers Hardware is accessible on foot, by bicycle and within a few block walk of most all High Street busses and directly with COTA route 4.

I recall the week that the EU hosted a conference on congestion in Helsinki. EU Traffic Ministers were housed at a hotel just two blocks from the conference hall. A line of limousines were parked at the hotel, at the ready, to drive the dignitaries to the venue.

How about “leading by example”?

Update:  An unexpected change in plans require me to be away from the city during this event.  I’ll look forward to getting an update from the other Columbus blogs upon my return.

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