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Large expanses of dark glass finally put me to sleep. I slept from Cleveland until the bus arrived in Buffalo. From Columbus to Cleveland, the spirit of adventure kept me awake, though there was little to see at that hour of the night.

Greyhound’s Columbus terminal was well lit and far more spacious than I would have anticipated. By 10:45p, enough folks were standing in line that a second bus was added to the route to Cleveland. I was on the second of the two, and there was enough room that the seat next to me remained vacant.

At 2:00a, Cleveland’s bus terminal was bustling. So much so that additional busses were added to both the Rochester and the Buffalo route. Once again, I got the second bus to Buffalo which offered more personal space.

I found myself with more legroom than any airlines tourist class seating. The seats were comfortable and reclined more than most airline seats. Other than a brief welcome by the driver, there were no interruptions and the cabin was dark and quiet.

The bus to Toronto was more spacious, with even more leg room, better than most domestic first-class airline cabins. The passengers heading across the boarder were of a slightly different decorum. Conversations overheard were spoken with proper English and in full sentences. The children said “please” and “thank you”.

Arriving exactly on time in Peterborough, I realized that after twelve hours of travel, I wasn’t dehydrated nor were my feet swollen. Sure, I could have been to Stockholm in the same amount of time, but for a trip to the other side of the lake, it beat driving. There were no security fusses, save for x-rayed bags at the boarder.

A quick trip to Tim Horton’s for coffee and donuts and we were off to the farm, another 45 minutes, and there I was greeted by the lush acreage of Mayfarm just outside of the town of Warkworth.

Coming back to Columbus, each bus was at full capacity, and still I found the ride reasonably comfortable. Overall, well worth the $90 for round-trip travel. I’ll give Greyhound a definite “thumbs up” for easy and comfortable travel.


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