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Ongoing discussions about what Social Media looks like and feels like continue as we prepare for Tuesday’s (3/18/08) Columbus Social Media Cafe hosted by WOSU and COSI.

One goal is to create hyper-local media that’s unique and compelling and have WOSU be the megaphone that spreads the word. Another goal is to create a dialogue that inspires conversation and interaction among the residents of Columbus. And we agree that there’s a need to add more voices to this dialogue. There is a goal to educate people on the use of Social Media so that we hear more of the voice of Columbus.

While many of these goals are yet to be fully defined in operational context, there are two sites that appear to have similar approaches to Social Media and both are associated with Public Radio.

The first is Vocalo which is associated with Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ. Vocalo offers a variety of media options to cultivate ideas. People can create and share stories simply by calling a telephone number and leaving a message. People can also submit text, photos and videos.

There is also a “how to Vocalo” page which becomes a sort of toolbox to help get people started, and the site offers an entire tag-cloud page as well as a keyword search option.

Another is a project by NPR known as Get My Vote. Here users can contribute video, audio and text as a method of sharing ideas surrounding the November election. This site also has a page of tips for creating good commentary.

Have a look at both of these sites and share your ideas with us. The Columbus Social Media Cafe will meet at 6:30pm Tuesday March 18th at COSI in downtown Columbus. Your participation makes a difference and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you.


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