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Pod Camp Ohio

If you’ve ever wondered “how’d they do that” while surfing the web, watching YouTube or listening to your favorite streaming media, then you’ll want to attend Pod Camp Ohio.

Conceived and organized by Columbus resident Angelo Mandato, Pod Camp Ohio is designed to teach the tools of the trade in social media. Sessions include workshops on podcasting, blogging and social networking as well as other topics associated with new forms of media.

With increasing access to various forms of technology, social media is gaining strong momentum as people begin to turn to interaction and discussion to enhance – or counter traditional media sources such at television, radio and newspapers. For the first time in decades, mass media is returning to the general public, and rightly so.

When the nightly news becomes nothing more than a ratings grabber and government sponsored news clips are “mistakenly” broadcast as objective reports, it becomes easy to understand why social media is gaining popularity. The ability to trust the source of news takes on new meaning as readers and viewers turn to hyper-local content and topic specific blogs to find relevancy and meaning.

Social media is also sidestepping traditional methods of promotion. For example, the Chicago band Ok Go produced a low-budget video in 2005 for their first single “A Million Ways” , and launched the $10 production on YouTube. The video received more than 9 million downloads and solidified their future success.

Thoughts and opinions, entertainment and news can now bypass the high-financed gatekeepers of mass media. Social media is changing industries, creating new dialogue and enhancing lives as more people join in to reclaim social democracy.

Pod Camp Ohio will take place on June 28th in Hilliard, Ohio from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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