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The day started with hanging the clothes out to dry and a pre-noon meet up with a neighbor at the MoJoe Lounge in German Village.  It was close enough to lunch time so we ordered something to eat and caught up with the neighborhood gossip.

From there it was to Pistachia Vera for some delightful treats and a quick chat with Ann while we enjoyed the new sidewalk seating.   Home via City Park and Schiller Park, the clothes were dry by the time I got back.

Later in the afternoon it was the #8 that whisked me downtown en-route to the Columbus Social Media Cafe held, this month at TechColumbus.  I transfered to the #2 and again to the #84 on 15th and High.  On the 84 bus I ran into Jennifer who was also on her way to CSMC.  She and I had an impromptu conversation with a couple other passengers about the noticeable increase in transit ridership.

Familiar friends and new faces joined us for another great evening as we continue to mould and define the role that the Columbus Social Media Cafe will serve.  Visitors to this weekend’s ComFest will be able to meet a handful of the SCMC participants at the New Media Pavilion (the Goodale Park shelter-house) throughout the event.

Following the meeting it was off to High Street on the back of a buddy’s motorcycle.  While the #8 came by just moments later, I decided to walk a bit and take in the sights of what seemed to be unusually active High Street, at least for a Tuesday night.

At Price and High I ran into David of DoMedia.  The entire front of his office opens to the street.   He and some friends were enjoying some beer and talking to a woman who had excused herself from a bad blind date at the Rossi.  There was an Edward Hopper feeling about this.

I passed more cupcakes, albeit paper mache cupcakes at On Paper.  Some of you may know that I’m on a cupcake strike – a little more than three months into it and I’m working tirelessly to resolve it.  Ironically, Jennifer brought home-made cupcakes to the Columbus Social Media Cafe this evening and I had to politely pass the box to Suzanne.

Further south I ran into my neighbor Joe who was having a smoke between drinks at Lemon Grass.  He and I chatted a bit while the #2 approached.  I excused myself, boarded the bus and was off to Broad Street where I caught the #16.  The beautiful evening necessitated staying out even longer, so I jumped off at Sycamore and stopped in to Cup O’Joe for a decaf and a walk home through Schiller Park.

Along my street I ran into a couple of neighbors and Pete, the bartender at Easy Street on Thurman.

And this is what I love about Columbus – the ability to head out for a walk and know that you’ll run into people that you know on any given night of the week, on virtually any street – even in the most obscure settings.


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These are paper mache’ at "On Paper" on North High Street.

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