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The manuscript for my book Hakaniemi went off to the publisher yesterday. According to the delivery confirmation receipt, it has arrived at its destination.

As the writing of my book neared completion I asked a friend of mine if she’d consider writing the “forward” and when she agreed, I was delighted. She was there watching most of the events that took place from a front row seat. She was more than a casual observer, though I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time.

Much of my success today can be attributed to her. A constant companion despite the thousands of miles that are now between us and the person who helped me see the world differently. Gently guiding, never pushing, until I found exactly what I needed precisely when I needed it.

What she wrote astounded me. In just four paragraphs she put together what took me 223 pages and two years to say. She sent it to me on June 1st.

When we talked over the weekend I told her about the German film I’d seen and how it explained so much of what I couldn’t understand eleven years ago. And then I re-read what she’d written and again, it’s more poignant than ever.

This book is more than just about travel, experiences, people and places. The content is about so much more, so when I was asked to write the forward to it I was truly honored.

Some say that everything happens for a reason. Some say that there is no such thing as coincidence. Every journey is a destination that can take one farther than ever imagined. Some may say that this is about places and people that will never be again because the people and the places and the times have changed. Reflection, however, can be a positive thing!

Reflection can also ask us many things. Are we appreciative of the people and their cultures that we come into contact with? Do we truly value the experience as it is happening? Or is it that we come to realize that all of it had to be for the meaning and out come to be revealed. Along the way situations and instances can alter the destination of one’s journey only to have arrived at a place that turns out to be better than the one originally intended.

This particular journey and its destinations are exactly the treasures that would unfold as time went on. Look with fondness at all of one’s journeys for that is when the worth is acknowledged and the meanings step forward.

-A kindred spirit that was met along the way

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