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COTA Neighborhood Guides don’t exist yet, but thanks to Google Maps, I’ve created what could be the model for a more useful way of demonstrating how public transportation serves a specific geographic area.

The map I’ve created highlights the COTA transit routes serving German/Merion Village (command + click to open the image to in a new tab/window).

  • Red line is #4
  • Blue is #7
  • Purple is #8
  • Green is #16.

On the map I’ve charted prominent neighborhood establishments such the grocers, the post offices, the library, restaurants and bars. (Is Whittier Street is becoming the South Side’s Restaurant Row?). Also shown are some dentists, some barbers, pharmacies, the city pool at Lincoln Park, as well as South Side Cycle and Mower.

With a COTA Neighborhood Guide residents can see public transportation within the context of their daily life rather than an ill-scaled map and gridded time-table. While a time-table is an essential part of a transit map, its only an indication of point-to-point service.

  • Columbus realtors would be served well by COTA Neighborhood Guides.Demonstrating to clients the savings of buying within a Transit Zone would boost both the buying and selling potential of properties.
    • Local business owners would benefit by being displayed within a context of other businesses and thereby create synergy among merchants. Is there a plumber or electrician in my neighborhood? I don’t know, but if they were a sponsor of my COTA Neighborhood Guide, they’d likely get my business.

    And while COTA Neighborhood Guides don’t yet exist, it is possible to chart your public transportation route via Google Maps. It’s a step in the right direction.

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