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Sphere of Influence

What if time were spherical rather than linear?  Linear time requires that one thing happen before something else can begin.  Spherical time allows all things to coexist simultaneously.  With spherical time one only needs to find the shortest distance to any given point rather than waiting for one event to trigger another.

Spherical time would better explain how it is that people enter and leave our lives, only to reappear later or at times to disappear completely, which is seldom the case.  The term “crossing paths” indicates that two paths converge for a moment in time.  But as is often the case, paths cross again.  Straight lines, as time is currently portrayed, would not have the opportunity to cross twice unless of course they are constructed over a sphere.

Think for a moment about something you’ve accomplished and let’s assume that the answer or result to which you’ve come has always existed.  Essentially, the result or current expectation has always been there – its just been waiting to be discovered.

“Its so obvious.  I should have thought of that sooner”, is something we’ve all heard.  I often venture to say that we limit our own lives because we’re constrained by the concept of linear time.

If in fact time is a sphere, then we only need to see where we are, determine a destination, then look across the horizon and move across the sphere.  Viewing time as spherical offers a unique look at what can happen when we shed the man-made constraints of what appears to be logic.  I try to use the spherical model of time for problem solving just to see where it takes me.

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