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The city seems alive today.  More alive than on most Tuesdays.  After a study of the morning news I was out on the streets, first down Bruck Street to pick up some things from my printer, then to the post office on Parsons to send them off.

I caught the #4 downtown and transfered to the #2 towards campus.  All around me people were talking.  On the bus, strangers chatted about voting.  There seemed to be a greater exchange of pleasantries – “excuse me”, “after you”, “thank you” and simply more “hello’s”.  The mailman waved at the bus driver.  And another bus driver honked and waved at a passerby he recognized.

People were looking at one another in the eye as if, maybe, just maybe, that other person might know  the answer.  The answer that comes later tonight, much later and surely by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Andrew Miller and I grabbed a coffee at a downtown Starbucks this afternoon – they’re offering a free cup to everyone today, and we sat and talked about our excitement and our of angst.  We said hello to friends and colleagues that passed by.  Everyone is talking today.

And maybe today is the day that the American conversation takes up from where it left off.  Maybe today is the day that Americans re-engage in democracy.   There is a striking sense of optimism on the streets today and I really have missed that.

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