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The official numbers will be ready shortly after the end of December, but with just four weeks left of the year, I can safely say that the savings have been tremendous.

It started last January with the simple idea of using public transportation to get to and from work, but only when it was convenient.  I spent $45 on a transit pass and $30 on gas and set out to determine if I could make the combination work.  Well, it worked and at the end of January, I still had gas in the tank.  When I ran the numbers, I determined that I also had money in the bank.  Not a lot, but a little.

I decided to take the challenge further in the following months to see how much more I could save by using the car only to get to and from when my schedule was outside of  COTA’s operating hours.  This meant that I would often be on the first bus of the morning or the last bus at night.  It also meant that all of my weekly tasks would be carried out using public transit.  If it couldn’t be accomplished using public transit, I wouldn’t participate.

Using those guidelines as the general rules for living throughout 2008, I have found myself, now in December, with more available money than ever before.  There is more money in the bank and the remaining debt is being decimated month after month.  Because I’ve been so fortunate, it’s time to pay it forward to someone else.

At the end of December I will buy a January COTA transit pass for someone willing to give it a try.  Ideally, I’d like to see the recipient use it for commuting to and from work a couple times per week, but I’ll place no limits on its use.  Use it for whatever purpose you’d like, just use it.  As an added perk, I will help the recipient plan their public transit travel.

To be considered as the recipient, please use the comments section of this blog post to tell us how you would use unlimited access to COTA’s existing route structure during the month of January.   It is not the easiest month to make the switch, but if you can do it in January, you can do it any month.  Additionally, COTA has plans to expand service on many of its routes starting January 5th, making it that much easier.

The January COTA pass will go to the individual who puts forth the best claim.  Please be over eighteen years of age and have your “comment” posted by December 25th.

Please do not put your contact information into the body of your text.  Your registration to post comments contains that information but it is not shown publicly.


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