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My first exposure to opera occurred while I was living in Salt Lake City.  I’d come home from work one afternoon and as I was putting the key into the door, I heard opera music coming from inside my apartment.

There were two reasons that I found this odd.  I lived alone and I didn’t own any opera music.  I stepped back from the door to examine it, first to make sure I was at the correct door then to look for signs of tampering.   Everything looked normal, but I was at the back door and couldn’t determine the integrity of  the front door.

I suspected that a burglary was taking place and that the culprits had decided to lounge around the house and enjoy the stereo system before they departed with it.  I’d heard about things like this happening, but Salt Lake City wasn’t known for its cultured criminals.  My heart raced as I entered the apartment.

“Hello?  Who’s here?” I shouted.  I couldn’t hear my own voice over the music.  Louder, I shouted again, “Who is in here?” and as I walked further in I saw candle light flickering in the bathroom.  The surrealism increased rapidly.

From around the corner I peeked into the bathroom to find my best friend from Seattle immersed in the tub and engulfed in bubbles.  He’d found himself in Salt Lake, found the key to may apartment, let himself in and made himself at home.
“What in the hell are you doing?” I asked.

Tonight I’m going to my first opera performance here in Columbus.  It wasn’t until about two months ago that I even knew that Columbus had an opera company, and I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon Opera Columbus’ web site.

I’m not overly passionate about opera, though I’ve always enjoyed the voices of Andrea Boccelli, Charlotte Church and Cecilia Bartoli.   Discovering, however, that Columbus has an opera company was enough to entice me into buying a ticket.

Its not that I’m overly interested in seeing a performance, but I am interesting in seeing who is supporting opera in Columbus.  In living here for eight years I’ve never heard one person mention Opera Columbus and that is why I purchased a ticket.  A sense of curiosity opened my pocket book.

Tonight Opera Columbus is performing Puccini’s Turandot.  I know nothing about either except for the fact that Puccini died before completing the work.  Fortunately, Opera Columbus has a synopsis of the show on their web site and the staff uses both a blog and Twitter to spread the word.

If you’re curious about opera in Columbus you can take advantage of $10 tickets for tonight’s and Sunday’s performance so long as you purchase them at least one hour before the curtain rises.  Call 614 469 0939 for more information.

Perhaps I’ll see you at the Ohio Theater tonight.

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