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There’s less than seven months remaining until Car Free Day 2009 which happens world-wide on September 22nd. Seven months gives us time to plan and execute and here are a number of local groups that could help sponsor Columbus’ Car Free Day.

COTA: It’s the obvious choice as a sponsor because getting around without a car means a boost to public transportation use. COTA’s marketing department could turn Car Free Day into their biggest annual fund-raiser.

The City of Columbus: Getting cars off the road even for one day means less wear and tear on the concrete and asphalt. It would also reduce the number of police officers required to respond to traffic accidents – and since there’s a cut back taking place, why not use the officers we do have to investigate and prevent crimes.

Columbus City Council: Hey, they wanted clean air in bars – how about clean air on my front porch!

ODOT: Because “Transportation” is more cost effective when it’s not accomplished by car, and if I remember correctly ODOT is looking for ways to save money right now. Could there be a better sponsor?

Grant Hospital: And for that matter, all the other local hospitals. Taking cars off the road even for a day reduces the number of fatal or near-fatal accidents, leaving emergency rooms open for emergencies and probably reduces the cost of health care, in general.

The Columbus Board of Realtors: When people get used to not using cars, they can get used to not depending upon cars and that means more money to spend on housing. A one car family can afford a much nicer home.

Nationwide: Why didn’t I think of this first! Reducing automobile trips saves lives, lowers the risk of accidents and that means Nationwide makes more money. Some studies suggest that more people die from automobile pollution than from automobile accidents. That’s a double win for Nationwide. Fewer claims also equates to lower premimus – and that’s being “on your side”.

General Motors: Cold chance in hell, but considering they bought out and shut down public transit systems around the nation, they should be forced into this one. Better yet, they government should require them to use the bail out money to rebuild the transit systems they destroyed. Doing that would keep their factories running for years to come.

UPS and FedEx: Deliveries are more easily accomplished when there are fewer cars on the road. Faster deliveries means increased savings for these two big companies.

Your employer: Don’t they already know that workers who chose not to drive to work are more productive and less stressed out? Tell your employer that you’d like to be more productive and ask them to buy a transit pass for you.

The list could go on and on, but you get my point. Car Free Day 2009 doesn’t mean giving up your car forever – it just asks that you to try to give it up for a day. Really, the true benefactor is you. Ride a bike, take a bus or walk. But plan now because September 22nd will arriver sooner than you think.

If you have ideas on what we could do as a community on that day, let us know. Id love to hear your ideas.

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