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It’s time for a quick COTA Challenge update.

Year to date (first quarter, 2009) I have spent $81.25 for 48.27 gallons of gas for the car (there’s still a quarter-tank left). This includes one round-trip drive to Indianapolis.

In a somewhat related story…

Last weekend I ran into Columbus realtor who had just listed a condo a block away from my house, which is on the bus line. I asked if the listing included information about the bus line.
“No, no, no”, the realtor said shaking their head back and forth.
“Why not?” I asked.
“People who are willing to spend $214k don’t want a bus running in front of their house,” I was told.
“Really?”, I replied. “I’m willing to spend that amount on a place in Chicago and it damn well better be the first thing out of the realtor’s mouth,” I replied.
“Well, Chicago – yes. But not here,” replied the realtor.

Interesting isn’t it. That somehow people in Columbus expect less, or have lower expectations than do, say people in Chicago.

Is it that people in Columbus expect less, or that we don’t know what to ask for? Could it be that traditional realtors are actually short-selling themselves by not asking the questions? Is the information being withheld or could the information be used to start a dialogue?

It got me thinking about expectations – and now that I’m driving less, I have time to actually use my brain for more productive functions. But given the chance to spend $214k on a condo/flat/townhouse, wouldn’t you rather spend it in a city that comes with a full-fledged transit system?


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