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Last week I was notified via Twitter that one of my neighbors was considering turning to the use of public transportation when her car became unexpectedly unreliable. A friend recommended that we get in touch with one another.

Considering the fact that we live two blocks apart, we must have certainly crossed paths over the past few years, but we’ve never met. However, my newly discovered neighbor is weighing her options with regards to her daily commute.

Every time I think to get on the bus, I put it off until tomorrow. In the end I don’t know if I can do it. I used to take the bus when I first moved to Columbus (in fact I was completely convinced Columbus had great bus service until I realized I just moved to the right neighborhood!). The #5 route was convenient but being able to move faster than a snail’s pace is really nice.

I want to highlight this neighbor’s thoughts as she contemplates her own COTA Challenge. The conversation has already started on her blog, so have a look and feel free to weigh in on the topic.

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