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This time I have to include two corners, though both share something in common.

As a pedestrian, for years I wondered why the intersection of Jaeger and Hanford had such a wide, sweeping arc at only one side of the street.  A half-block south and east, another corner has the same sweeping arc.

Several years later I learned that the sweeping arc of this corner, as well as the subsequent corner on Hanford and 4th, was designed so that the street car line could make the turn from and onto typically narrow streets.

While I know almost nothing about the former street car line that ran through the neighborhood, I did find this page which discusses the different gauges of track used, as well as some great old pictures of Columbus streetcars.  According to the information provided here, the line was known as the Steelton Line.

It was this streetcar line that fed residents into the newly developed land known as Merion Village and helped connect the neighborhood to other parts of the city for years to come.  Currently, COTA buses (#8 an #16) run along portions of this line making Merion Village one of the city’s best public-transit served neighborhoods.

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