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Not What I (W)expected

It was only a matter of time until I viewed the Luc Tuymans exhibit at the Wexner, though I didn’t expect it to be today.

Thanks to Twitter (@wexarts) I caught a tweet this morning about a short film showing at The Box entitled Killed.  Having never heard about the Farm Security Administration, I did some reading and thought I’d venture up to the Wexner to have a look.

I didn’t realize that the film was only a two-minute loop so I stayed and watched it over and over.  Perhaps the most interesting facet of the film was the placement of the punched hole in the now developed photographs.  The absence of an image became the focal point.  Might it be an editorial about editing?

Because I was already there I entered the Luc Tuymans exhibit.  I’d not heard of Tuymans but according to the review on the Wexner Center’s site, he is considered one of the most significant painters of his generation.  Having read that I determined that this is an exhibit I should see.

Prior to entering a space that contained the next portion of the exhibit, I expected to have a wide variety of images to ponder.  Frankly I expected more.  It was as if each gallery was an appetizer but I was never treated to the rest of the meal.

I recognized the northern European style in some of his works and I found his use of color and composition reasonable as well as pleasing.  However, I felt that there wasn’t enough work on display to capture my attention.

After having been described as a ‘rock star’ of an artist in Europe, I simply expected more.


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