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In August of 2008 a group of active bloggers, with the help of WOSU and COSI, helped a small Columbus neighborhood learn how to use social media to spread the word about its triumphs and struggles.

The neighborhood, Ganther’s Place is located in Columbus’ south side, just south of Whittier Street.  They now have a blog in addition to their web site.  They use Twitter and FaceBook to keep their neighbors and the adjoining communities informed.  The neighborhood has been the recipient of grants and funding for their community-led projects and has been in the local and national news for a variety of reasons.  Just yesterday they were featured in the New York Times.

So much good has come as a result of their efforts, and the neighborhood leaders continue to press ahead despite the occasional political and social setback.

Slightly more than a year following the creation of their new-media efforts, Ganthers Place is using their local media efforts to communicate the need for help for one of their neighbors.

In early November, a young man was beaten near South High School  which lies adjacent to Ganther’s Place.  The young man known as Justin is now home, but with a trachea and feeding tube.  His mother has had to take two months off from work and Justin’s father is also in the hospital with health-related issues of his own.

In response, Stephanie Sherwood, the woman who runs Ganther’s Place on-line media, set up a fund at the Charter One Bank inside the Parsons Avenue Kroger to assist Justin’s family.  All proceeds from the fund go directly to Justin’s family.

While many people in Columbus are dealing with a challenging economy, this is an exceptional situation that needs our assistance.  Thanks to the ongoing community efforts of the good neighbors at Ganther’s Place, if we all pitch in with whatever we can, we will help the Justin’s family.

Please donate to The Justin Bailey Fund.  Monetary donations can be made at The Charter One Bank inside of Kroger on Parsons Avenue.  You may also donate such things as food and clothing to Ganther’s Place.  Please call 614 732 4436 for more information.

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