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California’s high-speed rail program found itself on crossing the path of my eyes yesterday.   It is such beautiful and logical presentation – one that I think you’ll enjoy.

Certainly California has a larger population and more geographic area to cross, but the goals of it’s planned system are not too far off from Ohio’s 3C Corridor.  And granted, California is building their system from scratch, unlike the 3C Corridor, which for now, will use existing tracks.

The critics of the 3C Corridor say that the speed of the proposed service (maximum 78mph with an average of 39mph based upon stop times at stations) isn’t fast enough to compete with an automobile.  That’s really a matter of opinion.  I’d still rather take a train to Cleveland or Cincinnati than to have to drive because my time on the train can be productive time.

Whatever your opinion of travel time, Ohio needs to start somewhere and fortunately the state has been given $400 million so that we can start.  Certainly the existing tracks are not ideal and yes, we’d all like to be whisked away at 120mph in either direction.  Someday that can happen but it cannot happen without taking the first step.

Some politicians feel that the $400 million should be spent on roads and bridges instead.  I must say that I find it amusing that these politicians seem to be ignorant of the fact that taking traffic off of bridges and roads is far more cost effective in the long run.

In the mean time, enjoy the vision of California’s future rail plan.

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