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Right from the start I knew which Columbus Corner I’d write about.  As I thought about why, I couldn’t determine if it was because the corner is something that I’ve come to expect, or if its because it contains the unexpected.

The corner of Thurman and Jaeger (43206) is just three blocks from my house and it’s an intersection with which I’ve been interacting for years.  Today it is somewhat of an anchor point for the south end of German Village and the north end of Merion Village.  Home to multiple businesses – Easy Street Cafe, the German Village Diner, Thurmans and The Dog Works – these businesses have been the anchors of the corner for years.

New arrivals include Bakery Gingham, Niko’s barber shop and All About the Dogs – a self-serve dog washing emporium.   The corner is active throughout the day as the businesses here cater to a wide variety of patrons.  Various types of residential housing units are included at this intersection.   Condos, apartments, row-houses and single-family homes are available in just about any price range.

The building that houses Easy Street Cafe and The Dog Works is my favorite because it represents a good example of low-density land use.  While only two businesses are currently housed within, the building was built to accommodate three or four, as is evident by the door/window placement on the ground level.  The second floor was laid out to accommodate the same number of residential units.

Its likely that the shop owners lived upstairs, as was common during the era when this building was erected.  Along Jaegar ran a streetcar line which stretched south to Hanford Street, then continued south down Fourth Street.  There is no off-street parking dedicated to this building because it wasn’t necessary at the time of construction.  Consequently, this building has a very small foot print (42’ x 70’), en masses 5,880 square feet and generates just under $10,000 a year in property taxes alone.

Though the building (and intersection) came about over 80 years ago, it remains an integral part of two neighborhoods.  The once standard combination of business/retail remains relevant today, attracting and complimenting a wide range of housing types, fulfills the needs of small businesses and allows residents to shop local.  It is a model such as this that should become, once again, a standard throughout Columbus.

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