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If you’re curious as to why you deal with congested roadways every day, watch this video.

If you’re curious as to why our public transit systems have failed, watch this video.

If you’re curious as to why governments fund freeway systems rather than public transit systems, watch this video.

It’s possible to watch the entire video here, Taken For a Ride.

A Columbus resident sent me the link to this film earlier today.  Entitled “Taken For a Ride”, produced in 1996 by New Day Films, this documentary looks at how (and why) General Motors dismantled various public transit systems and began replacing them with their own vehicles.

The saying was, “What’s good for GM is good for America”.   I find it unfortunate that the Federal money spent on bailing out General Motors wasn’t earmarked in such a way that required them to rebuild what they had destroyed.  Rebuilding cities’ public transit systems could likely keep GM facilities running for decades to come.

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