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The feeling is as if I’m in high-speed dream that lasts for five hours.   It is elongated.  Both in time and in distance.  My body is moving forward and my mind is racing backward.  Inside I am stretched.

Remnants of the past race by.  I know them.  I’ve been there in context.  They are quiet.  Sleeping.  Waiting.  The vast blankets of snow light them subtlety.  I want to leap out and be there.

Doing so would destroy the illusion.  It exists only because I am moving.  Because if I were the subject and not the viewer I would be lost and unidentifiable.

These places predate me.  Small streets.  Small towns.  A single sign illuminated as a designation that someone, a few, are actually there.  I can’t see them.  But I know.  I wonder about what they’re saying to one another.  They must be speaking.  It is what people do.

I myself am silent as I move first towards them, then away from them.  I can’t close my eyes.  If I were to, everything would vanish.

Occasionally the train stops and people exit into the darkness.  I watch their faceless shadows.  Had I known them first they would connect me, but I don’t.  They too vanish as the train departs.

Later and eventually I step out into the darkness.  I am now the subject and am being viewed.  I stand.  Wait.  Elyria, Ohio.  It is real.  I have been here before.  I could walk the streets and no one would know me.  That would change in a few days.

I would take a room here and come every so often.  Not to live but so that I could observe.  It would become my reoccurring dream.  One that I never tire of seeing.

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