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Take COTA to Warhol

Here’s an example of how public transportation plays an important roll in making Columbus a more livable city.

The Wexner Center has partnered with COTA to provide discounted tickets to the Andy Warhol exhibit.  Simply board the bus, pay the fare and ask the driver for a “Warhol/Wexner” coupon.  Passengers using monthly passes, day passes, single fare and Mainstream fares are eligible for a $3 discount on the price of admission

Besides the admission savings, they’ll be no need to pay for parking in an already congested area.  Click here for more information.

In a non-tangent to public transportation, but related to the importance of the arts, read one Columbus resident’s view on why he feels such a personal connection to the Warhol exhibit.  The two posts are at Columbus Underground by Zachery Allan Starkey.

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